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Listen. Nothing is normal and none of us are okay. Now, more than ever, we need all the tools available to us to care for our mental health and stop freaking out about all of the things… and we need to do so in ways that don’t require a ton of time and a ton of resources. Based on the brain science of stress and healing, this deck offers 28 Micropractices to soothe, settle, or energize the body and mind. Use these cards throughout the day to improve your ability to manage and respond to stress.

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Stress is running high and taking a toll on each and every one of our minds and bodies. While we know we need to do “self-care” we may not prioritize it, or feel resourced enough to engage in it. One thing we get wrong about “self-care” is that it must take hours. In reality, the therapeutic ‘dose’ of activity needed to soothe the brain-body’s stress response is only minutes long. Building brief Micropractices into your day can build a much more resilient stress response system.

So wtf is a Micropractice? Glad you asked. Micropractices are 1-3 minute exercises that utilize proven approaches for soothing the stress response and regulating the nervous system. Using the power of patterned, repetitive, rhythmic movement, bilateral stimulation, self-massage, and mindfulness, Micropractices tap into the innate wisdom of the body and mind and do not require any additional equipment.

There is no training required to engage in Micropractices. Explore the cards individually, in combination; alone or in community with your people.

You hold the key to your unique nervous system. Consider these practices additional tools to help you unlock your unique path to healing.

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